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Be Attuned

Singers, dancers and other artists have long understood that their body is their instrument.  At Attuned Acupuncture, we strive to introduce the importance of inner harmony and balance to all our patients.

We also understand that this harmony can mean different things to different people. Our goal is to help you discover your body’s ability to heal from within, regardless of the condition.  Whether coping with chronic pain, fertility challenges, digestive issues, stress, anxiety, or any number of other concerns, you may benefit from acupuncture.

Using the philosophies and techniques of Chinese Medicine, we at Attuned Acupuncture thrive in helping our patients tune in to health.



Attuned Acupunture


Multiple Locations:

650 Broadway 4th Floor
Mondays, Tuesdays & some Saturdays

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119 West 57th St. Suite 712
Thursdays, some Wednesdays by request

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379 9th Street
(Bodycraft  Pilates- Park Slope)

by request