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Be Attuned

With so many distractions in our lives, we can easily lose track of what our bodies are trying to tell us.  At Attuned Acupuncture, we love to listen.  We listen to our patients, and more importantly, we provide a safe healing space where patients can begin to listen to their own bodies' messages.

We understand that this inner "harmony" can mean different things to different people. Our goal is to help you discover your body’s ability to heal from within, regardless of the condition.  Whether coping with chronic pain, stress, anxiety, fertility challenges, digestive issues, or any number of other concerns, you may benefit from acupuncture and herbal formulas.

Using the philosophies and techniques of Chinese Medicine, we at Attuned Acupuncture thrive in helping our patients tune in to health.

A Special Message to New Moms

We especially love to work with new moms.  Too often, the exclusive focus on baby's well-being leaves Mom both drained and overwhelmed.  At Attuned, we borrow from the Chinese tradition of healing mom first, so that the whole family can be their healthiest. From the pressures of going back to work, regaining a sense of self in this radically new world, or just figuring out how to get a few more minutes of sleep, we are here for you!

Attuned Acupuncture in Greenwich Village, NoHo, Midtown, NYC with acupuncturist Mary Hamawy, LAc



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