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Try Acupuncture at the Office

Bring Natural Balance to the Workplace with In-Office Acupuncture!

Try Acupuncture at the Office, Attuned Acupuncture in NoHo & Midtown, NYC

If you'd like to combine employee health and the latest in team bonding, try acupuncture at work.

Attuned Acupuncture will offer your team brief introductory auricular acupuncture treatments in-house at your worksite.  Done in a community style setting with the group sitting in chairs in the same space, hair-thin, 1cm long needles are inserted just outside the ear in a standard protocol for relaxation and focus.  In just 15 minutes, participants can leave feeling calm and refreshed, with a truly unique experience to share with their teammates.

It's the new HEALTHY happy hour. Ask your HR team about booking in-office acupuncture for your workplace.

Contact Attuned Acupuncture for rates and more information.