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(New) Mom Support

Congratulations on your new baby!!  ....now what?

While so much attention is paid to making sure women stay healthy during pregnancy, we like to make sure our new moms continue to focus on being their healthiest throughout motherhood. After all, they're in it for the long haul!

Drawing from the rich, Chinese perinatal tradition of zuo yuezi, we believe that by putting mom's health first, we ensure the health of the whole family.

We realize that becoming a new parent inherently brings some combination of ever-expanding wonder and soul-lightening joy, usually with a dose of gut-clenching fear!  Acupuncture and Chinese medicine can support you in both the physical and emotional challenges moms can face.  It can also help you celebrate this amazing new role.

At Attuned Acupuncture, we realize that no two mothers' experiences are the same.  To us, becoming a mother is a type of (re)birth in its own right.  We don't try to get you "back" to your old self.  Instead, through a personalized system of acupuncture, herbs, diet therapy and lifestyle coaching, we help you listen to your body and find a new equilibrium, to find out what healthy motherhood feels like for you. 

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New Mom Support - Attuned Acupuncture in NoHo & Midtown, NYC

new mom support

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New Mom Support - Attuned Acupuncture in NoHo & Midtown, NYC